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Engineering Physics Handwritten Notes PDF Btech 1st year AKTU University

If you're starting your first year at AKTU University, you're probably taking a course called Engineering Physics. This subject covers the basics of how physics applies to engineering.

In Engineering Physics, you'll learn about things like mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, and electromagnetism. These are important for understanding how things work in engineering, and they set the foundation for your future studies in engineering.

To help you with your studies, I've made some handwritten notes in PDF format. These notes break down the topics in Engineering Physics and provide solutions to problems. They're easy to understand and can be a useful tool for studying and reviewing.

You can download the unit-wise handwritten PDF notes of Engineering Physics here: 

Unit – I: Relativistic Mechanics

Unit – II: Modern Physics 

Unit – III: Wave Optics 

Unit – IV: Polarization and Laser 

Unit – V: Fiber Optics and Holography    

I hope you find these notes helpful!

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